If ever a name was wrong…

The newly crowned “Quisling’s Newspaper of Choice”The Scotsman – is once again belying its name today as it continues in its increasingly desperate efforts to put down Scotland and smear the independence movement.  This morning’s fare is nothing more than a Tory party political broadcast in printed form:

Alex Salmond’s economic policy has ‘clearly failed’ – Johann Lamont
An object lesson on hown the long road to independence is paved with a whole series of misguided intentions
Salmond ‘failing’ jobless youngsters
Explain your oil fund, expert tells Alex Salmond

Meanwhile the Labour Daily Record squirms uncomfortably as one of their own, Eric Joyce MP, gets banged-up and charged with 3 counts of common assault after getting drunk and going mental in the House of Commons bar like a ned on a night out.  As it struggles to find a suitable stick with which to beat the independence movement (pun not intended, maybe), they’re forced to rehash an old story instead:

US tycoon Donald Trump warns Alex Salmond: I’ll see you in court over windfarms

Apart from discussing Labour’s elected thug Eric Joyce, not much is being said by The Guardian about events ‘north of the border’.  So instead they have some pictures from David Cameron’s calamitous state visit to the province, including THAT one with our new hero Iain McNeil:

David Cameron visits Scotland – in pictures

The Telegraph however has its claws firmly extended as it adopts an unusually aggressive stance against the Scottish Government.  Things must be getting desperate right enough:

Nats’ peer pressure could be a taste of things to come
David Cameron wants independence referendum in September 2013

Lastly today we have an interesting article from the British Forces News and how independence will impact upon service personnel:

Scots independence would impact Forces


The Quisling’s choice

Today marks the day  The Scotsman finally earned the title of “the Quisling’s newspaper of choice.”  For after weeks spent constantly downing those sharing its name, this most virulently pro-BritNat of Caledonian dailies has overstepped the mark at last in its pursuit to keep the Union Jack flying over Edinburgh.

In an act of shameless bias, unbefitting of a broadsheet of its alleged quality, the True-Blue belittling of Scotland reached new depths this morning as it stepped up a gear to deliver even more spin that a Zanussi washing machine:

Tavish Scott: Lack of detail on oil and gas will backfire
Michael Kelly: Alex Salmond wrong to take sides in Rangers fiasco
Let Scotland vote on independence in 19 months, says Michael Moore
Go-alone Scotland ‘can’t afford oil fund without major cuts’


Meanwhile the Labour Daily Record was slightly less vitriolic that its BritNat counterpart in Edinburgh, but nonetheless gleefully reports the suspect finding of the nystery ‘think tank’ in addition to supporting Michael Moore’s continuing drive to overrule the democratically elected Scottish Government’s manifesto commitment through increasing desperation:

Creating Alex Salmond’s £30bn oil fund would require cutting public services, warns think tank
Scottish Secretary Michael Moore wants vote to be held in September 2013


The Daily Express seems to have remembered where Scotland is again, as it criticises the Scottish Government’s decision to sensibly merge the country’s numerous Police forces into one:

Single police force move ‘being rushed through by SNP’


Also breaking its silence is the BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation, once more jumping onto the BritNat bandwagon whilst continually overlooking all the positives of Scottish independence.

Scottish independence: Michael Moore calls for early referendum
Scottish independence: Oil fund ‘raises budget questions’
Moore accuses SNP of ‘cheek’ over Scottish independence

So, apart from the BritNat Bedfellows all sharing the same stories, that’s all there is for today.    More tomorrow…


Backlash o’ the Fearties

Well after the turmoil of debate surrounding April’s birthday march for Adolf Hitler by National Front in Aberdeen, the press is a bit more sedate today.

Indeed, the BritNats seem to be slowly realising all their hysterical rants against Scottish independence seem to be backfiring, as the public get fed up of being patronised by London politicians and their North British lackeys.   Serial BriNat rag, The Scotsman, leads the was as ever and learns nothing from its own message:

Scottish independence: Anti-Scottish jibes boost separation, Michael Gove warns Right
SNP budget report is full of ‘spin’, claims ex-advisor Arthur Midwinter

Tory queries Salmond’s £1 trillion of oil claim

Allan Massie: Breaking up may be harder to do than we think

The Daily Mail meanwhile is having such an anti-EU rant against the Greek bailout that it seems to have forgotten all about the ungrateful Seperatists in the northern province.  Instead it lambastes local councils for preventing the “nation” from celebrating the Hanoverian queen’s jubilee:

How long is (the paperwork for) a piece of string? Killjoy councils demand Jubilee parties have £5m in insurance liability and are on call 24/7… if they hang up bunting

Labour’s Daily Record takes time out from its obsession with Rangers FC to turn Jekyll and Hyde.  Some good old fashioned Nat-bashing mixed with classic 90 minute patriotism.  It really is an odd paper:

London mayor Boris Johnson reveals pipe dream to pump Scottish water to irrigate south of England
English separatism as big a threat as Scottish desire for independence, says Tory Michael Gove
Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch should ‘butt out’ of Scottish politics, says Jim Sheridan MP

So as it’s been fairly quiet on the press front today, we’ll leave the last word to that bastion of Unionism, Britain First.  Here they outline their reasoning behind the retention of the Union, and it must be said it bears a lot of resemblance to the National Front, BNP, UKIP and all those other hard-line little BritNat groups:


Still, if they’re encouraging people to vote YES in the referendum, we won’t complain….

A Nazi turn of events…

So, the National Front want to hold a rally in Aberdeen on the 20th April to protest against the SNP.  The fact this happens to be the same day as Adolf Hitler’s birthday is purely circumstantial.


So what do the National Front themselves have to say about Scottish independence, and in particular the “ethnic loving SNP”?

A Few Home-Truths About the True Nature of the SNP

Aberdeen’s own Evening Express seemed a little suspicious about the march’s true motivation, if their picture is anything to go by:

National Front plan to hold Aberdeen march on Hitler’s birthday

And the National Front’s BritNat colleagues at The Scotsman are obviously a bit low on scare stories just now, so they’ve had to regurgitate an old one instead to manufacture a negative headline:

Scottish independence: Spectre of border controls raised by top Tory

Not to be outdone by the Jocks, the Daily Mail adds its own spin to the same story:

Independent Scotland ‘may need passport controls’ at English border to comply with EU law

Now we’re not sure if this actually constitutes a negative news story by the Daily Record, but it’s worth noting it anyway as the BritNats continue to panic:

David Cameron’s interference in Scottish independence battle has backfired, says Tory veteran Michael Forsyth

We’ll leave the last word today to a rather unusual source.  For it seems the pros and cons of independence reach far as the Caterer and Hotelkeeper discuss the issue at some length:

Would Scottish independence be good or bad for hospitality?

Monday red, white & blues.

Well it’s a new week.  And after all the hoo-ha over David Cameron’s state visit to North Britain to confront our First Minister, there’s still a degree of reverberation in this morning’s headlines.

Naturally, the British Bulldog that is The Scotsman is first to don its Union Jack waistcoat, before stepping out the door do commence shouting its negative message through its metaphoric BritNat megaphone:

Scottish independence: No vote for under 18s, says Michael Moore
Brian Monteith: Positive push to keep Scotland in the union

First Minister accused of snubbing devolved nations

Scottish independence: SNP’s plans ‘in a state of flux’, Willie Rennie claims

Scottish independence: Ruth Davidson points to welfare

David Cameron is playing into the SNP’s hands, says Michael Forsyth

Given the paper’s ever increasing sense of desperation to drown any positive messages in favour of independence, perhaps we should give the Scotsman its own dedicated section from now on.  It does seem to have taken on the mantel of official BritNat Media Harbinger of Doom.

Middle England’s very own Daily Mail takes a somewhat unusual stance in chastising David Cameron for paying TOO MUCH attention to Scotland, neglecting his party’s English heartland as a result.  Bad man!

David Cameron must not forget his responsibility to the people of England

The Guardian, meanwhile, seems to offer a note of acceptance to the inevetability of constitutional change as it offer the British PM some advice on federalisation:

David Cameron must make brave steps towards a federal UK

The main English version of The Sun is off on a unique tangent, scraping the bottom of the smear barrel to beat Thatcher’s dusty old drum about some stolen Argentine territory 6000 miles away.  Well, its pathetic jingoism worked in 1982 after all:

Argies in Scot bid to claim Falklands

Unsurprisingly, there’s no mention of this in The Sun’s tartan & shortbread edition from Glasgow.

So that’s it for today unfortunately.  Pretty quiet on the BritNat front so far.  Even the Daily Record is quiet, but as it’s Labour controllers have climbed firmly into bed with the Tories again, perhaps they’re hiding behind David Cameron.  Time will tell…

The day of rest – for some!

Sunday has a habit of bringing out those seldom seen during the week.  For example, the infamous ‘Sunday Driver’, blocking the highways and byways in pursuit of a leisurely tour round the countryside.

Then, as the Labour Sunday Mail shows, we have serial BritNat Douglas Alexander making a rare appearance in the public gaze:

Labour MP Douglas Alexander says shared faith in fairness gives Union strength

And in something of a back-heeled own goal by the Mail on Sunday, we had a great laugh at Cameron’s expense when that now famous picture of him eating porridge last week took an unexpected twist:

I was nervous, not hostile, says Quaker man (… but I wouldn’t vote for PM)

Union Hijacked is now an official fan of Ian McNeil!

Meanwhile the Sunday Telegraph is warning middle England of the evils in making deals with the wickedly ungrateful Alex Salmond:

David Cameron should beware of making concessions to Alex Salmond

Back in the north, the Scotland on Sunday continues in its efforts to undermine Scottish self-determination by dragging America into the debate in addition to its regular Nat-bashing:

Scottish independence: US debates UK break-up
Scottish independence: Alistair Darling backs tax-raising powers
Drumlanrig: ‘We recommend that as the First Minister invest in an A-Z of England’

Though there was one story today which did catch our eye for different reasons:

Scottish independence: English town of Doncaster stakes its claim to Scottish

But to round off this morning’s collection of spin, we thought we’d conclude with a picture of our new National hero Ian McNeil, and THAT withering stare:

Well that’s that then…

Now the dust has settled on David Cameron’s wasted trip to Edinburgh, the press has once again returned its majority focus to other newsworthy events.

As ever, the Daily Mail is first in the queue to reprimand the British PM for travelling north instead of making Alex Salmond go to cap-in-hand London instead:

Cameron’s sop to breakaway Scots: PM offers concessions but gets nothing in return

The Daily Express is a bit behind the times, but still feels obliged to state the BritNat case one more time anyway:

Cameron offers Scotland more powers in return for no vote on UK split

Predictably, The Scotsman is once again flying the red, white & blue:

Scottish independence: David Cameron offers a deal to reject independence

The Telegraph must clearly have listened to a different speech yesterday, as it seems to believe Cameron managed to get the better of Salmond.  He probably had them at the word “empire”:

Alex Salmond’s separation agenda challenged with a simple question: ‘Why?’
Alex Salmond is finally on the back foot

The rest of the papers have been strangely quiet, a clear sign that Salmond triumphed over the ineffectual Cameron once more.  Even the overseas papers have been largely positive, so today’s summary is a tad shorter than expected – which is good news when you think about it!