Ed and Nick’s empty seat woes

Last October, it was impossible to find a pub or restaurant in Inverness which wasn’t full of people wearing yellow passes during the SNP conference.  Everywhere you looked, there were delegates eating, shopping having a drink or just sightseeing.

This weekend however it’s a very different story, as you’d never know the LibDems were even around, let along holding a conference at the same venue the SNP filled 5 months previously.  The very occasional pass has been spotted around town, and there are two possible reasons for this: it’s a badge of shame, given the party jumped into bed with the Tories for a sniff of power; or there’s basically hardly anyone there.  We’d suggest both are correct, backed up on no small way by the vast number of empty blue seats visible in the TV coverage of the event.

Labour too are struggling to get bums on seats, and that’s at Dundee’s Caird Hall which is even smaller than Inverness’ Eden Court!  Bit odd the pair of them arranging conferences at the same time, and yet they expect us to trust them with organising the country? Anyway, the sight of Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg addressing their patchy faithful raised a few chuckles at Hijacked Towers, we have to admit.  Almost as funny as the pair’s woefully poor addresses, reiterating the “too wee, too poor, too stupid” mantra do beloved by the BritNats.

So what have the BritNat papers been saying about it all?  Let’s begin as ever with The Scotsman:

Scottish independence: Alex Salmond takes step back from oil fund
Scottish Labour conference: Lamont to lead ‘devolution commission’
Nick Clegg echoes PM’s message on Holyrood’s powers
Independence ‘could cost Clyde’
Warning note from Alexander

Predictable stuff really.  And talking of predictable, how has the Daily Record been reporting its party’s disastrous showing in Dundee?

Labour leader Ed Miliband vows to end pain for Scotland’s legion of jobhunters
Johann Lamont to launch Labour probe into new powers for Holyrood
Record adopts a donkey for long-faced Prime Minister David Cameron
Labour Scottish conference: Ed Miliband urges Scots not to split up the UK
Nick Clegg attemps to steer Scots away from independence at Lib Dem conference
Alex Salmond blasts ‘risible’ anti-independence tactics of rival parties
SNP links with Rupert Murdoch savaged by Labour leader Ed Miliband

That’s right, offer nothing positive whatsoever and instead.  Maybe one day these papers will actually give us some concrete positive reasons to remain tethered to the union.

Meanwhile, back in London, The Guardian tells us what’s best for us again:

Labour could offer Scotland new powers
Scotland cannot afford to leave Nato

Also in London, The Telegraph joins the chorus:

Alex Salmond ‘rolls back’ on North Sea oil fund
Lord Kerr: Independent Scotland would lose EU membership
Nick Clegg promises Scots more powers if they reject independence
Ed Miliband: ‘Alex Salmond more interested in separation and Rupert Murdoch than economy’

As you can see, the papers are pretty much full of all the same stuff, so we’ll close today with a very funny article – complete with pictures – from Wings over Scotland, which eloquently summarises everything the BritNat press won’t let you know about:

Strength through joy


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