BritNat Blues

As has now become traditional with Union Hijacked, we begin with David Cameron’s staunchest media supporter in Scotland, The Scotsman.

It seems once more to be upping the negative BritNat propaganda as the reality of independence starts to bite at it’s editorial raison d’être.

‘Growing resentment’ south of the Border about Scottish devolution
Devo-plus points for PM’s idea
‘Strike a deal or face court’
Gavin McCrone: Matter of no small change
Parties in talks over ‘rainbow coalition’ to save Union
Dream team’ plea to Gordon Brown

The Labour Daily Record meanwhile is in more regular form today as it attempts a bit of old fashioned BritNat mud-slinging:

Kenny MacAskill must answer claims he struck deal with Lockerbie bomber, says Labour’s Lewis Macdonald
David Cameron set to force through earlier vote

The Telegraph is also in full BritNat mode today as it has handfuls of mud ready to fling too:

Lockerbie bomber dropped appeal after meeting with SNP
European Commission refuses to confirm independent Scotland membership

On an unusual tangent today goes The Independent, as it appears to be driving a wedge between the Anglo Saxon and Celtic cultures:

Welsh war of words with the English turns nasty

The last word for today goes to The Guardian as it too seems to be on a full crusade for Britannia.  A sure sign the BritNats are genuinely worried now:

Scottish referendum: is the SNP’s question fair?
Would an independent Scotland be forced to join the euro?


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