Putting the SUN into Sunday?

Today sees the launch of a Sunday version of The Sun, presumably as a replacement for the discredited News of the World.

In recent days owner Rupert Murdoch has been making noises suggesting support for Scottish independence.  The paper itself once famously backed the cause, but that was more likely a plan to hit the Labour supporting Daily Record with a tit-for-tat cheap shot.  Its infamous ‘noose’ front page graphic before the last election pretty much confirmed its complete BritNat U-turn.

So this morning’s Scottish edition leads with its prediction of a referendum date of 18 October 2014, along with its reasons why.  Its editorial also hints at support for independence, but being The Sun, we’ll take whatever it says with  good dose of salt:

Day of Destiny 
History beckons for nation

And the surprises just keep coming this morning as the Sunday Mail continues the Record’s strategy of defensive attack as it goes all out to distance itself from alleged Labour thug, Eric Joyce MP:

Locals in Eric Joyce’s constituency say MP is regularly absent

No surprises however from the misnomer that is the Scotland on Sunday, as it somehow manages to suggest that Scottish independence will be bad for the environment.  No, we don’t understand that one either:

Probe to focus on climate change and independence

And other than that, it’s all fairly quiet on the press front today.


One comment on “Putting the SUN into Sunday?

  1. Perhaps Scotland on Sunday are hinting that after independence the resources now being channelled to Westminster will be used to ensure a better standard of living for us Scots. If that’s the case it’s also possible more of us will live longer therefore using more electricity, gas and oil thereby damaging the environment. I must admit when independence is considered in an environmental light there is a strong case for voting no. Then again anyone with a fully functioning brain can see all Brit-nat warnings over the “dangers” of independence is all hot air and therefore more dangerous to the environment than independence will ever be.

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